Booklist from Shanni You

By Shanni You

Book ReadDatePagesNote
《Principles》Ray Dalio08/15/2023125-159
ClassX: CS245, Database Systems Principles08/15/2023Lecture 1-19The fact that I have worked with XML data.
Most of the knowledge are memory storage, buffer, pretty fundamental.
ClassX: CS246, Mining Massive Data Sets08/16/2023Not really started
《Principles》 Ray Dalio08/24/2023Finished the rest allIn order to gain success in life:
(1) You need to know what you want.
(2) You need to be able to make bold decisions.
《A practical guide to quantitative interview》08/31/2023up to 57 – FinishedDidn’t read Chapter 6
Kaplan Schweser Book 1:
Quantitative Methods and Economics
09/04/2023Up to page 71The goal is to read at least 100 page every day.
ClassX: CS246, Mining Massive Data Sets09/14/2023

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