Diary for Job Searching

By Shanni You

As those who might know me, I am looking for jobs recently.

06/30/2023, Initiation

Starting from this day, I was forcing myself to start applying for jobs. This is actually the first time that I convince myself to drop academia, and then went for industry for real.

My friends told me that, it’s common to apply for over 2000 + Jobs and eventually find one, even though that you are a student from MIT or Stanford. I was initially feeling like, “man, that can’t be true. you got to be kidding me. ” And finally, I realize, “Oh man, that’s fucking real. It’s real life. “

08/13/2023, No Progress

Up to now, I am already submitted 500 Resume, have my friends looked through the Resume for quite a few times, and Still, have some interview. But not yet find something match.

08/14/2023, advise from My very first friend Jiang
  • Need to work on the Resume to get more interview chance.
  • We all agree that my conversion rate on getting an interview isn’t ideal.

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